Twincredibly Strong- ONESIE

Twincredibly Strong!! Let's take a minute and dote on our twincredibly strong twins! Boy were those days rough, and looking at our twins now, you'd never know that they fought such a hard battle. They most certainly are #preemiestrong. This tee is for all our fighters out there!! 

Newborn onesies are Rabbit Skins brand, and consist of 100% Cotton. The long sleeve onesies are also 100% Cotton, and are Kavio brand. 

We recommend washing inside out, and to hang dry. Do not iron the design.  The design size and placement will differ, depending on size of shirt. Depending on size of onesie, design may be done in vinyl or screen print. Very small sizes will be done in vinyl. 

Please be advised that our turn around time is 2 weeks. Thank you for your understanding.