Honest to Blog - The O Twins Clothing Co Story

October 30, 2016

Happy Hallows Eve Everybody!

I got to thinking last night.. My pregnancies/births of my children, mirror what their personalities are like. For example, my pregnancy carrying my oldest son Colton (who is four) was stress filled, brought forth many challenges (labor had to be stopped twice, and I was bed ridden for two weeks), and his delivery....Oh My Lanta, it was something fierce!! I was induced, pushed for over 45 minutes, and ended up with a fourth degree tear. Don't even get me started on my recovery! Anywho, he is my spirited child. He tests the waters every chance he gets, knows EXACTLY which buttons to press, makes my hair turn gray with all the shananigans he puts me through, and has faced some major health challenges in his four years of life. He is my fighter, my stubborn yet oh so sweet and sensitive, child. My first born, and the reason why, I believe in love at first sight!

My pregnancy carrying my daughter Riley, who is 21 months, was my easiest pregnancy. Morning sickness was just simple nausea that lasted only a few weeks. I had a hiccup in my health around 22 weeks, which ended up being maternal hydronephrosis. I had one kidney filled with fluid, and another that was very swollen. With treatment it soon disappeared, and my pregnancy carried on smoothly and healthy. Her delivery was natural. No induction, no meds. Although it hurt badly, it was a breeze. I pushed about 4 times and she was out! No tearing, or years of recovering. It was amazing! She was/is the happiest, most smiley baby ever! Hence our nickname for her "Smiley Riley" :). 

Then there's my pregnancy with the twins..I think the shock wore off before the vomiting and nausea did! That pregnancy was by far, the hardest in the beginning. I couldn't gain control over "morning sickness", and had to be put on a prescription in order to stop vomiting 9x a day. And boy oh boy did I celebrate once i hit 17.5 weeks, and had stopped throwing up. It was a victory! Since I had MoDi twins, I was in care of an MFM, and had appointments every other week. The boys would throw curve balls every once in awhile during my pregnancy, but i was so very fortunate to have a healthy twin pregnancy. No complications to my health or theirs! My belly grew very fast, but I felt and looked great! Their entrance into this world was unprepared, scary as hell, and dangerous. I tripped and fell from a running position at 34 weeks, landing all 160lbs right on my belly. It was EXTREMELY painful. I couldn't stop screaming from the pain, and I knew right away that something was wrong. The babies stopped moving, and contractions started coming every 5 minutes. Long story short, I had to have an emergency c-section, and the boys were delivered a mere 5 hours after my fall. Baby A's umbilical cord had fully detached from the placenta, that's how hard I fell! Their personalities are are so very different. Hudson (baby A), is sweet natured, calm, and very content. Porter (baby B), demands attention, is very energetic, and loves to laugh. Both of them throw surprises at us daily! They are fighters, and are lovers of life! My heart definitely grew by two whole sizes when I saw their sweet little faces for the first time.

All in all, my children are each so different from one another, but are all so very cherished by me! I was born to be their mother, and even on my hardest days, I am SO thankful that they are mine!

Thank you for visiting my site! -Kristin